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NNWOMEN Workshops - Interview in NATIVE MAG
NNWOMEN Workshops - Interview in NATIVE MAG
NNWOMEN Workshops - Interview in NATIVE MAG

31 May 2022



NNWOMEN Workshops - Interview in NATIVE MAG

By Oroko Radio

In celebration of International Women's Day 2022, in collaboration with WATWOMXN and Pioneer DJ

In March 2022, Oroko Radio teamed up with our supporters Pioneer DJ and longtime friends and collaborators Where Are The Womxn (WATWOMXN), a femme collective based in Ghana and the UK was created with the initiative to promote and celebrate creative femmes and their industry pathways in West Africa to host an intensive DJ workshop in a bid to inspire more women in the Ghanaian DJ/Production space to see a bigger picture in these career paths in a traditionally very male dominated industry.

The month-long series included introductory workshops focusing on DJing and music production as well as a ‘Movements into Music’ discussion, providing a platform to discuss, network and better support femmes and gender non-conforming people in the music industry.

In June, WATWOMXN co-founder and Oroko resident Carina Tenewaa sat down with NATIVE Mag to discuss our ideas behind the DJ workshop, the success of the outcome and our plans for the future.

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