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Radio alHara: Christmas In Mourning
Radio alHara: Christmas In Mourning
Radio alHara: Christmas In Mourning

24 Dec 2023



Radio alHara: Christmas In Mourning

By Oroko Radio

"Christmas in Mourning", a 30 minute sound piece, will air this Sunday the 24th at 8pm (Bethlehem Time).


"This Christmas in Palestine, our people are facing a new cycle of unspeakable violence and savagery. Words are missing to convey our outrage, our sadness, and our feeling of helplessness.

On the 24th of December at 8pm (Palestine time) and through the waves of radio alHara and many other radios, the Wonder Cabinet in Bethlehem will broadcast an original production of sonic mourning with electronic musicians Sary Moussa (Beirut), Abed Kobeissy (Beirut), and the Greek Orthodox tenor of the Church of the Nativity, Laurence Sammour (Bethlehem).

This remote collaboration is a mourning sound piece using religious recitals in an electronic composition. It is an attempt at producing a physical materialization of remote solidarity."

- Radio alHara