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31 Mar 23 14:00H


With Lizz Johnson, ELi A Free

This show was recorded for AfroCuration, with guest Yvonne Darko.

Did you know there are more articles written on Wikipedia about the city of Paris than written about the entire continent of Africa?

AfroCuration is on a mission to change that. AfroCuration is an event series that takes place across Africa, conceptualised by The Moleskine Foundation. It combines a Wikipedia edit-a-thon and a cultural/linguistic workshop to train young Africans (16-27 years old) to become knowledge creators and let them tell the world about their local culture, community and people in their local language.

An AfroCuration event will be taking place in Kumasi, Ghana in partnership with the Twi User Language Group - a Wikipedia user group based in Ghana that contributes to Wikimedia Foundation projects in the Akhan language, culture, and beyond. The event will be hybrid (in person and online), taking place from 26th - 28th May.

During this event will be an edit-a-thon under the wider theme of ‘Who We Are’ to produce content on African authors.  The notion of "author" will be extended to the music field as well, and Oroko Radio will be involved as a knowledge partner helping to create articles on various African contemporary musicians from Ghana.

We invite our community participate as knowledge creators! You can attend the event in person or online. You can sign up via the link below - please be aware that you will need to create a profile to access the registration form.

If you're also interested in suggesting a musician for the selected writers to write about, let us know!

In collaboration with The Moleskine Foundation.