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Brikabrak invites Dushime & Noannaos
Brikabrak invites Dushime & Noannaos
Brikabrak invites Dushime & Noannaos

03 Apr 24 20:00H

Brikabrak invites Dushime & Noannaos

With Brikabrak

In Brikabrak's second installment, they talk with Dushime and her label Noannaos (Susobrino, Ashley Morgan) about Doing It Yourself, working with friends in the music industry and Dushime's recent body of work "Home Is Motive".

With Guests: Noannaos, founded by Pippin, Ashley Morgan and Susobrino is all about embracing the unknown and diving headfirst into uncharted territory. Since 2018, the label and collective has been throwing underground events such as listening sessions and multidisciplinary nights. Now, more established in Brussels, they’ve got 9 releases under their wings, including their first-ever physical release with Dushime.

Dushime, a versatile Belgian-Rwandan artist, embraces a multidisciplinary approach encompassing , music, storytelling, and performance. With an authentic and powerful style, she views performance and music as a healing process, using her voice as a versatile instrument to create various textures. Her goal is to saturate a space with stories, sounds, and textures, aiming to be a portal that connects people through harmonious sounds and fluid movements, weaving an illuminating glow that fosters an invisible thread of connection.


  • Hagan - Sheila's Solo

  • > introduction to Noannaos & Dushime // background track: Rose Juam - Cabidelo

  • Noannaos - STE001

  • Dushime - Path

  • > deep dive into Dushime's universe // background track: Dinamarca - Prins

  • Dushime - Underground

  • > the significance of Dushime's live performance // background track: DJ Kwamzy & Mojvki - Wena

  • Guest mix by Noannaos (Susobrino b2b Ashley Morgan)

Hosted by Monicashflow & Yooth