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cosmic strings
cosmic strings
cosmic strings

29 Mar 24 13:00H

cosmic strings

With bella

Inspired by the 2023 documentary film, The Deepest Breath, directed by Laura McGann, bella shares an ambient arrangement to mimic the calm mystery of the ocean. Pulling influences from The Deep Sea Podcast along the way, bella brings you to an oceanic playground that replaces fear with wonder, for the both the water and our bodies.


  • sea glass - Yasmin Lacey

  • sweetfish - Gallery Six

  • guppy - Gallery Six

  • like phantom memories in the slinking storm - Slowfoam

  • if only for a moment - O.N.A.

  • dolphin smile - X.Y.R.

  • the gentle deep - Carinthia

  • morning dew - Lee Hannah

  • abundant - Narnara

  • reverence, pt. 1 (spirituality) - Peter M. Murray, Atmos

  • creatures of the sea - Alice in Freefall

  • maunam - TENGGER

  • listen over the ocean - Violet Eves