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09 Jul 24 20:00H


With Djaouli Ent

"100% Coupé Décalé: The History of a Movement"

Mask On invites you on an exceptional musical journey through the three iconic eras of Coupé Décalé, the vibrant and energetic genre that has shaped the Ivorian music scene.

  • First Era: The Genesis (Early 2000s)

  • Dive into the origins of Coupé Décalé, a time marked by attalakou. This style was more subtle and slow, highlighting instruments and a unique use of autotune.

  • Second Era: The Peak (Late 2000s - Early 2010s

  • Discover the golden age of Coupé Décalé, dominated by the legendary DJ Arafat. It was during this period that the genre reached its peak, becoming more danceable and fast-paced, with the introduction of roukasskass, intense instrumental sections designed for dancers.

  • Third Era: The Yopougon Era and Maimouna (Since the late 2010s)

  • After the passing of DJ Arafat, Coupé Décalé underwent a transformation. Concentrated mainly in the Yopougon area, it was revitalized by artists like Safarel Obiang and Renard Barakissa, and other figures like Poséidon with his unique touch from Abobo, giving rise to new sub-genres such as Biama. Meanwhile, in the Cocody commune, Maimouna emerged, a perfect blend of Coupé Décalé and Rap Ivoire. These two genres currently dominate the Ivorian music scene, illustrated by hits like "Le Coup du Marteau," a true phenomenon that fuses these two styles.

As they say, Coupé Décalé will never die.