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Kunt Kill'ha invites Phum
Kunt Kill'ha invites Phum
Kunt Kill'ha invites Phum

07 Jun 24 22:00H

Kunt Kill'ha invites Phum

With Missy Da Kunt

With Guest: PHUM was born and raised in Bangkok (Thailand) before he moved to Zurich (Switzerland) at his young age. Coming from a musical environment and culture PHUM grew up listening to different types of music - from old-school R&B/Hip-Hop to Disco and House, but mainly live music such as Jazz and Blues. The love for rhythmic flow, drums and basses is undoubtedly a major influence of his sets nowadays.

Due to his own curiosity and passion for music, the variety of musical genres PHUM uses for his sets is surprisingly diverse. It is not strange to see him opening his set with some smooth 90’s R&B or Dancehall, Shatta transitioning into Edits, Amapiano, Bouyon and Future Beats, to finishing with hard-hitting Kuduro, Afro House and Baile Funk.


  • Brega do Pam Pam - Syon Trio

  • bema estar - hvsn

  • Só Coro Brabo - DJ Léo BQ

  • 157 w Q-Rush - PANTERA

  • Fantástico Mundo da Oakley - Kyan/Mu540

  • Favela Vogue - b o u t

  • Hot Gyal Pussy - Kartel Brown

  • CHEGOU 3 - shonci/Mc Magrinho

  • Move Your Body - Marshall Jefferson x Solardo

  • Fast Life - GEE LEE/India Shan

  • What you want - Sideluv/KTRNA

  • are you stoopid(dumb) - Moonshine/Nate Husser

  • Some Nights - Class Fools

  • Don’t Go - Valentino


  • Aquecimento Das Danadaa - O Mandrake/Xaropinho

  • Rio Groove - Yarin Primak

  • Espirito Carneval - Johnny Bravo

  • Rebenta - DJ Bboy

  • Cavenebo Beat - Popiloh

  • Perei Tua Mboa - DJ EddyBeatz

  • Indra - Breytg

  • Nos Frita - DJ Nelesta Nel Flow/Teo

  • Luanda - Carlos Monsta

  • Malaia - Studio Bros

  • Boca - Mulatoh Prod

  • Catástrofe - Carlos Monsta

  • MVD Afro - Soul Faya

  • Tudo Ok - Lokowat

  • Ponti Suspeito - Lokowat

  • Se Eu Cantar - 99GINGER/DJ Danifox

  • Primavera - VHOOR