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11 Apr 24 18:00H


With BoogzBrown

This show is a reinterpretation of several traditional maloya. It contains my Edit and Remix of mainly old sounds (from the 70's to the 90's). I wanted to keep the spirit of maloya chants, which are often pieces with a question-answer pattern. Temporality is also important because it is a music that can lead to trance in the case of ceremonies of homage to ancestors. This show is in a way a tribute to these pioneers of traditional Reunion music.


  • Firmin Viry & Simon Lagarrigue - Ti di ti viens mon pays (BoogzBrown remix)

  • Lo Rwa Kaf - Ranpli mon Ver (BoogzBrown remix)

  • Firmin Viry - Bondi' la fé dé soz (BoogzBrown remix)

  • Groupe Folkorique de la Réunion - Maloya (BoogzBrown Edit)

  • Simon Lagarigue - Momon Dorina (BoogzBrown Edit)

  • Unknown - Maloya (tombé lévé) (BoogzBrown Edit)

  • Ti Moris - Doviner Komor (Bgzbrwn Edit)

  • Bamba Kreol - Dofé (Bgzbrwn Edit)

  • Lo Rwa Kaf - Namsido Si La Bi Na Boir (BoogzBrown remix)

  • Zen't'Panon - Kayman (BoogzBrown remix)

  • Simon Lagarigue - Payanké (BoogzBrown Remix)

  • Urbain - Fé Lèv Mon fougat (BoogzBrown Remix)

  • Lo Rwa Kaf - 20 Desanm (BoogzBrown Remix)

  • Kisaladi - Tienbo lé rein (BoogzBrown remix)