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Melting Paths invites DJ Asexual
Melting Paths invites DJ Asexual
Melting Paths invites DJ Asexual

18 Apr 24 19:00H

Melting Paths invites DJ Asexual


STELLIUM is stoked to invite the uber talented DJ Asexual whose music she discovered and fell in love with as her first guest for ‘Melting Paths'. Wise beyond her years on liberatory politics and music, DJ Asexual takes us on a journey with her own productions and those of other techno icons. She dishes out forward pushing and grove infused sounds and effortlessly blends hard and acid sounds.

With Guest: DJ Asexual is a 24 year old independent producer and DJ from Tallahassee Florida who marches to the beat of her own drum. She has been producing independently for over a decade initially making hip hop. She now specializes in electronic music broadly and has been making waves in her local scene with aspirations of sharing her love of music to everyone willing to listen and dance. Outside of music, she is passionate about grassroots organizing and community gardening.


  • distorted present - DJ Asexual

  • advancement 4 - HV2000

  • Input - Jacobworld

  • Contrast (Angel's Sound of 3am Mixx) - 1morning

  • Give me winter - Ashtrejinkins

  • Coda - James Ruskin

  • Magenta Riddim - TYGAPAW

  • Alpha Key - Robert Hood


  • Slovakian Nights (Exium Remix) - Fanon Flowers

  • Rove - HV2000

  • Untitled 1 - AVA2005

  • Tech-nic - MoMA Ready

  • Stimulus Downwards - A Thousand Details

  • Temper - Jacobworld

  • Mode 08 - Fanon Flowers

  • Never Enough - Fanon Flowers

  • Journey - Ashtrejinkins

  • Advancement 1 - HV2000

  • breakdalaw - DJ Asexual

  • Life of Crime - MoMA Ready