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Melting Paths invites JEKKAMAÏ
Melting Paths invites JEKKAMAÏ
Melting Paths invites JEKKAMAÏ

13 Jun 24 19:00H

Melting Paths invites JEKKAMAÏ


With Guest: JEKKAMAÏ. As a young queer DJ on the Brussels scene, JEKKAMAÏ’s vast musical universe allows for all to embark on a genre-defying body-shaking journey. Influenced by ghettotech, trance and techno, his sets are infused with groovy rythms and percussions, bouncy kicks and topped with the occasional cheeky edit. One thing is sure, this dancefloor addict is always first in line to serve some fresh yet unexpected bangers that'll leave you wanting more.


  • Megan Look Good - Bad Boombox

  • Who U Trust - Some Guest

  • Bicho al Callao - Peterblue

  • Ass Like Dat Dough - Leo Pol

  • Beat The System - Peska & Neuro

  • La Batteria - DJ Gigola

  • Check this out - PJ Dempsey

  • Yeke Yeke (Disjoli Edit) - Disjoli

  • Fast & Groovy - Stanislawa

  • Akita - Faster Horses

  • Baby Jam - Ben Derris (feat. DJ Hörde, Linus Villa)

  • Galopeiro - Joao Lagrima de Ouro

  • Katzenminze - Racing Nokia

  • Belicosa (Racing Nokia Bouncy Remix) - Baja Frequencia

  • El Baile del Weke Weke - Breeden