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nke ọzọ
nke ọzọ
nke ọzọ

02 May 24 14:00H

nke ọzọ




  • Otoma da Naba by Florence Odoni

  • Mmuan Daan (DFUMH Remix) by Muanda

  • Mama Weja by Raz & Afia

  • Fire by Onipa feat. K.O.G and Tom Excell

  • Okokuroko by Canadoes II of Ghana

  • Yebre Ma Owuo and Nana Koda Gye Me by Ahemaa Nwomkro

  • Damfo Agoo / David Akofo / Obegyaa Nowa / Okwantuni Moboro (Medley) by Dr. K. Gyasi's Noble Kings

  • Kpanlogo by Sowah Mensah & the Macalester College African Music Ensemble