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Ochun Radio invites Vanessa Maria
Ochun Radio invites Vanessa Maria
Ochun Radio invites Vanessa Maria

03 Apr 24 17:00H

Ochun Radio invites Vanessa Maria

With Cuby

Ochun Radio invites Vanessa Maria for a light-hearted conversation. We had an inspiring conversation about being a sober dj, how to navigate mindful through the scene, challenges of becoming a dj full-time and many more. Tune in for a 30min mix of Vanessa Maria after! BANGERS ONLY.


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With Guest: Vanessa Maria, is a DJ, Broadcaster at Foundation FM, and Resident Advisor host, who has recently received the prestigious Limitless Black Influence Award 2023 and featured in the GUAP 30 Under 30 Blacklist 2023. Her unique blend of underground UK music captivates audiences worldwide, infusing sounds from diverse cultures with UK Club classics.

Vanessa’s work in and around music and mental health has also not gone unnoticed. Dedicated to industry voices, Vanessa's interviews feature luminaries like Jaguar, David Rodigan, Tiffany Calver, and Juls. As Resident Advisor's key presenter, she drives conversations on music and mental health via podcasts, documentaries and the platform ‘Don’t Keep Hush’.

Notable appearances include Glastonbury's Nia Archives takeover, electrifying sets at Koko, closing Fabric for Taylah Elaine, Warehouse Project, Boilerroom, Broadmasters, All Points East, and El Dorado festival. Vanessa's prowess extends beyond music, collaborating with Depop, JBL, Spotify, Adidas, and Nike, merging her passion with impactful partnerships.

Recognized by The Face Magazine for shaping London's nightlife, Vanessa Maria's vision transcends borders, making her an undeniable influence within music and culture