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PRJCT US invites Braabenk
PRJCT US invites Braabenk
PRJCT US invites Braabenk

14 Jun 24 16:00H

PRJCT US invites Braabenk

With Dopo

With Guest: Braabenk. Bernard Kankam popularly known by his stage name BraaBenk is a musician and a creative director from and based in Kumasi. He also has a bachelors in Business Management.

Braabenk is noted to be one of the brains behind the “Kumerica Movement” and the design of the flag for the movement. He is also a member of the “Asakaa Boys” music collective and has a number of street smash hits.

Braabenk is part founder/owner of COOL PARTY WRLD CREATIVE COMPANY and BRVYS which are focusing on how to market subcultures and identifying potentials within cultures that can create an ecosystem of an untapped culture economy.


  • Braabenk - Shake

  • Yarwteasy featuring Braabenk - World on FIre

  • Cartnez - Lowkey

  • Thywill featuring OKenneth and Kwaku Dmc - Misbehavior

  • Dab Beatz and Jaden Heights - Devil in Prada

  • Jeffrey Dosted - Fake Neggars

  • Kuneli - Memories

  • Malai - Dwane