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cosmic strings
cosmic strings
cosmic strings

24 May 24 13:00H

cosmic strings

With bella

Inspired by the 2022 documentary film, Fire of Love, directed by Sara Dosa, bella explores the theme of Volcanoes and their subtle metaphors for human nature. Featuring a show image of the Santa Ana Volcano in El Salvador by Wilfredo Diaz and a field recording of Icelandic volcano steam captured by Maya Hottarek, tune in to be surprised by the romance that can be found at a volcano's summit.


  • golden apples of the sun - Suzanne Ciani

  • time, being - Jonny Nash

  • dust - Marxist Love Disco Ensemble

  • microsono - Flavien Berger

  • when ur an expert for fun - Joe Castle Baker

  • compassion lake - Lawrence Le Doux

  • je te tiens, tu me tiens - Reymour

  • cruisin - Jimmy Whoo

  • flash - Bonnie Banane

  • sounds of peace - Space Ghost

  • je me sens vivre - Dalida

  • nos corps - Jimmy Hunt

  • volcano steam - Maya Hottarek