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Fàájì Lawa
Fàájì Lawa
Fàájì Lawa

09 May 24 16:00H

Fàájì Lawa


Fàájì Lawa as the title loosely translates to "having a fun time" in colloquial Yoruba. The show focuses on narratives of fun/pleasure/enjoyment as present in music yet does not call for complicity and inaction. Fàájì Lawa is all about emphasising the boundlessness of the Indigenous African identity. This show works to explore various genres, performances, and modes of being from Black/African artists, with an inclusion of personal & historical artefacts.

Episode Title: Resistance is Justified

This episode follows the host's engagement in an academic course titled "Violence: Vigilantism, Community Defense and Armed Resistance." On par with the course themes, this mix is focused on sonic explorations of violent action as resistance through an inclusion of speech excerpts, repetitive and heavy bass audio material. Here, the trick is understanding one's ability to use the body and how this might affect our approach to self-defense and resistance. Remaining cognisant of the ongoing fight for liberation by the Palestinian people, this episode discusses meanings of concrete political organisation and collective action as necessary in the move towards freedom from colonial and imperialist powers.


  • Kwame Ture on Zionism and Imperialism (Speech)

  • Spectacular Anthem - Gaika

  • Uncle Kenny - Desire Marea

  • I am Gqom - Griffit Vigo ft Ree

  • Drillers - Scratch DVA ft Omagoqa

  • End the Occupation Now - Samrai

  • Obia - Moonshine ft Èbony

  • Glitch Bitch - Loraine James

  • Freakquency - LSDXOXO

  • If I Must Die - Black Rave Culture

  • Smoke of the Skunk - LSDXOXO

  • We Can Do - rRoxymore

  • In Their Fear They Plotted Her Destruction - TYGAPAW

  • Feel Free - CassKidd x Ogranya (Blue Canariñho Remix)

  • Zim Zimma - Ase Manual ft Tah

  • Fred Hampton - Why Don't You Die for the People (Speech)

  • Studies in Black Trauma - Desire Marea