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Fribari invites Tara Jerome-Bernabé
Fribari invites Tara Jerome-Bernabé
Fribari invites Tara Jerome-Bernabé

19 Jun 24 12:00H

Fribari invites Tara Jerome-Bernabé

With Phantom Wizard

Phantom Wizard presents Fribari, a radio show focused on the intimate connection between an improviser and their instrument.

Featuring live long-form free improvisations and occasional chats about organology, spirituality, philosophy and culture.

Within these improvisations ancestors' voices meet. Interdimensional travel happens casually. Out of pocket IG stories get processed...

It is beyond words.

With Guest: Tara Jerome-Bernabé (she/they) is a multidisciplinary artist and musician. Their work incorporates compositions, experimental sonics and poetry into performance art pieces. An eminent part of their compositions and soundscapes features instruments that they make such as Bass ocarinas, Balafon and Bronze cast Gongs. Their performances feature costumes fashioned out of leaves, seeds, pods, sticks, reeds and other workable organic matter. From their paintings, Bernabé experiments with homemade pigment from coffee to mud and works with various scents to breathe life into the 2D work.


  • Duo piano improvisation #1 - Phantom Wizard (left side) & Tara Jerome-Bernabé (right side)

  • Bombs turn into roses - Maya Youssef

  • Duo piano improvisation #2 - Tara Jerome-Bernabé (left side) & Phantom Wizard (right side)