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going south
going south
going south

07 May 24 20:00H

going south

With mdl:tso

sending love to everyone around the world, it's such a weird moment in time. between conflict and climate change, it feels like there aren't that many reasons to dance and commune with each other.

battling a seemingly endless winter, i'm mesmerised by these artists. the production and emotion blew me away, so much to say, so much to hear, so much to appreciate.

i explore a lot of harsh, jarring and piercing sounds and juxtapose them with calm pensive serene scapes sprinkled with a bit of melody; it's a mix close to my heart. i hope you enjoy this edition of going south.


  • After Chagrin - Hedo Hydr8

  • Land - Coco Em

  • Three Sides Of Nazareth - Nicolas Jaar

  • Tomando el Sol - Manuel Printzen

  • Mind Your Language - Wagdi Yachter

  • Applied Pressure - Assyouti

  • MIENAI - Slikback

  • Aesthetic Terrorism - Authentically Plastic

  • Yaa - Postdrone

  • B's TV - 02 YYYY - B's TV - SLKTR

  • anteater I & II - Swaya

  • 01NE - Mawa .Dzulo

  • Blue Bug - Zarina

  • !gixa(rain maker) - Kumodi

  • Irama - Shoal

  • Ozmogolikan - Syz

  • Mass Bleach - Hedo Hydr8

  • L3alam Ya7tariq - TAXI KEBAB تاكسي كباب

  • Buul Okyelo - Authentically Plastic