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Guest Mix: Folly Ghost
Guest Mix: Folly Ghost
Guest Mix: Folly Ghost

19 Apr 24 22:00H

Guest Mix: Folly Ghost

With Folly Ghost

Folly Ghost is a Brazilian DJ, producer and curator based in Berlin. His tracks are a collection of seductive rhythms with a fierce bass that set the mood for a celebration of bodies. He enjoys exploring a wide variety of peripheral sounds such as Jersey Club, Footwork, Ballroom Music among other diasporic beats. Influenced by his upbringing in Rio de Janeiro, mixtures of Baile Funk are often featured in his sets, however Folly Ghost's commitment is not to genres, but to creating a space for lust and delight.


  • Musicians of the Nile - Drums on the Nile

  • Cabezadenego - Hmm

  • DJ Kolt - Fiqexpert

  • Le Motel - Cuíca

  • BJF - Tu Tu Tu

  • Evehive - Supino

  • Umru da Vila Saudade - Fiquei Popular na Pultaria

  • IDLIBRA - Acid Verano

  • DJ Marfox - Subliminar

  • BJF - Pursuit

  • Neuropunk - Samus Walk

  • LaBok - Hell On Wheels

  • mekb0y - Já que tu tá com T

  • Brunoso - Tambor de Crioula

  • Arma - Move Tool

  • IDLIBRA - Memame

  • Ventura Profana - Poder & Glória (Aya Ibeji edit)

  • Klap - Aquecimento

  • Wost - Azaroso

  • Rizla Ops - Aphid (Mafou Remix)

  • SLACK 1NE - Meltdown

  • MALO2K - Trance-Batukada

  • Abadir - Mashup 3

  • Vultra - Mandela Mix

  • Kenya20hz and Jensen Interceptor - SARRA HA HA

  • Gabrieldvarte - Drum n' Berimbau