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19 Mar 24 17:00H


With Yasmina Karrum


Means roots in amazigh, is a space dedicated to highlighting the importance of appropriating our culture as a path to personal and collective empowerment. Here, we celebrate our traditions, honor our heritage and connect with our roots to strengthen and grow together. It is a place where cultural pride finds its home and where every story, song and symbol are an affirmation of our identity and a reminder of our strength.

Free Palestine


  • Filles de la Illighadad - Tende

  • Oum, M-Carlos - Hal 2

  • Alia - Youness

  • Les freres Jackfruit - Amazigh 303

  • Sadek - L'ghayta

  • Fairplay - Latlal (Mariem Hassan)

  • Nabila Dali - Amazigh C

  • Kawtar Sadik - Omri

  • Kasbah - Amazigh V1

  • Seysey, Irene S & Tariq Hmitti - Atlas

  • Bab L' bluz ft Bayaka - Gnawa beat

  • Ismail M - Amazigh Tribe

  • Aziz Konkrite - A meli melodie

  • Hicham Riffi & Milouda Al Hoceimia - Arayas "IZRAN"