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No Address Radio invites D'Angelo
No Address Radio invites D'Angelo
No Address Radio invites D'Angelo

19 Jun 24 13:00H

No Address Radio invites D'Angelo

With Adrasha

With Guest: D'Angelo is a Software Developer and Music Selector born in Salvador, Brazil, and raised in Valencia, Spain. He grew up immersed in the culture of Bahian electric trio bands and capoeira groups of Brazilian immigrants in Spain. He began mixing music as a way to express a mixed identity of Brazilian, African, and European heritage.

The goal of his work is to unite the tradition and present of the sounds and cultures of the African diaspora in a musical dialogue to highlight the common heritage that connects us beyond borders and language barriers.


  • Black Excellence, The white album, Kareem Idris.

  • Berimbau, Luciano Perrone.

  • Saudação a Obalua, Atitude, Leci Brandao.

  • Copacabana, Malaboy, Charceko.

  • Faraó divinidade do Egipto, Warner 30 anos, Bandamel.

  • Mas eu quero ser, Ad lib, Gerardo Frisina.

  • Pra Manha, Songs from the Tin, Da lata.

  • Canto Latino, A liberdade é aqui, Muzenza.

  • Gaitero 2000, 27 anos nacional, Furacão 2000.

  • Berimbau Crazy, Capoeira Electronica 2014, Capoeira Experience.

  • Scientific, Godfather Don Remixes, Godfather Don & Jazz Spastiks (vocals).

  • The poem, A lost era in NYC 1987-1992, Massive sounds & Mutaburuka.

  • Capoeira funk power, The best of Capoeira experience, Capoeira experience.

  • Never leave you, STEDIT 02, STE-STEDIT.

  • Jaden - ICON, KARAN! LIVE EDIT, Karan!

  • Puxatudo, FWD BAILE: A Slow Roast Compilation,Karan!, kaito, HIGHT​!​DE, yandrel

  • Zum Zum Zum, Capoeira Electronica 2014, Capoeira Experience.

  • Na captura, Linha de ofício 93'', RHR.

  • Making of Cyborg - Kenji Kawai (Ghost in the Shell Soundtrack)

  • Reincarnation, Ecophony Rinee, Geinoh Yamashirogumi.