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Hot Oheema Hotline
Hot Oheema Hotline
Hot Oheema Hotline

30 Jun 22 15:00H

Hot Oheema Hotline

With Wild Moon & Sovereign



Hot Ohemaa Hotline w/ Wild Moon & Sovereign EPISODE 6: Viral Babymamas: A Ghanaian Fake News Story Hot Ohemaa Hotline... Call us now! Hosts Wild Moon and Sovereign are fielding your questions and offering hot takes on dating. As women from the African diaspora based in Accra, we have experience living and dating in the West... but the same rules don't always apply here. Callers will get wise, sound, and hilarious advice with an intersectional approach. Need dating advice? Send your voice notes by email to hotohemaa@gmail.com and listen out for our next episode!

Asia (@wild_moon) is a Toronto-born and Accra-based multidisciplinary artist with a passion for community development. As an artist, her brand has brought her around the world - Dominica, Trinidad, Ghana, and eSwatini - journeys that inspire her African diaspora perspectives. She is also an international development professional, consultant, and strategist who is passionate about re-envisioning African diaspora futures. Jackie (@Sovereignsunday) is an experienced media and brand strategy professional, who is based between LA and Accra. In 2018, she shifted from the corporate world to spiritual work. She graduated from the Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior, University of California, Los Angeles, with a certification in Mindfulness facilitation in 2020. She is also a trained breathwork and meditation practitioner. In her practice, she explores contemplative practices, exploring concepts like emotional resonance, mind-body connection, thought patterns, and somatic experiencing.


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