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Santuri Signal
Santuri Signal
Santuri Signal

25 Mar 22 16:00H

Santuri Signal

With Santuri Sound System




Santuri Signal showcases sounds and artists from the East African region and beyond. On this episode we get to hear some words from one of our SEMA Alumns - Nabalayo about her thought process in going about the sounds of the future E.P project as part of the advanced course.

Special Guest: Nabalayo is a Nairobi-based music maker, illustrator and East African Griot. She is an alumn of the Santuri Electronic Music Academy (SEMA) and her music is composed in the Changanya genre that she pioneered.

Santuri East Africa is a social enterprise arts organisation founded in 2014 and based in Nairobi, Kenya. It’s a platform that supports East African music producers, DJs, curators and other music industry professionals. Primary activities include workshops and training in music production and DJing, cross-cultural collaborative recording projects, consultancy services, and events promoting and supporting East African artists in the region and globally.


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