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Her Palette invites Henrika Muthoni Amoafo
Her Palette invites Henrika Muthoni Amoafo
Her Palette invites Henrika Muthoni Amoafo

10 May 24 14:00H

Her Palette invites Henrika Muthoni Amoafo

With Assumpta Dickens

In this episode, we delve into an introspective dialogue of self-discovery, discernment and mindfulness as you navigate the contemporary art world, with the remarkable Henrika Muthoni Amoafo. Muthoni brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the table. She graciously shares her journey of self-discovery within the contemporary art world, shedding light on the evolving landscape, particularly with the rise of African artists and the increasing visibility of women facilitators and artists. Henrika's profound connection to yoga and mindfulness adds another layer of depth to our conversation. She eloquently discusses how these principles permeate her routines, influencing her approach to creativity and problem-solving. Through her mindfulness practices, Henrika not only enhances her artistic process but also fosters a supportive and mindful environment for artists within the gallery space.

This episode's playlist is a journey through the soulful sounds of today's most introspective artists. We explore the depths of self-discovery, resilience, and love with a lineup of contemporary women artists who use their music as a means of healing surrender, and loving life in all its complexities. - Curated by Abi & Adom ❤️‍🔥

With Guest: Henrika Muthoni Amoafo. Henrika is a cultural practitioner who uses her capacity as an art enthusiast and curator, yogi, writer and facilitator to understand herself, make sense of the world, collaborate across boundaries and enable her to drive change. She empowers others by creating a community dedicated to compassion, growth, wellness and development, while holding space for authenticity within herself and others.

Henrika's approach to the art world has been through the lens of her combined interests in wellbeing, gender equity, culture, local patronage, and storytelling, while seeing it for the financial market it is but never losing the sense of its magic and potential to change lives and worlds.

She spent 2 years as the Customer Experience Manager at Turbare, a digital marketplace for trading contemporary African art based on historical data and performance analytics and has served on the Advisory Board of the Nubuke Foundation, Ghana’s premier art institution. Henrika is currently the Gallery Executive at ADA contemporary art gallery in Accra, Ghana.


  • Paper Thin (Live) - Lianne La Havas

  • Definition of Love - Naomi Sharon

  • Just Fine - Desiree Dawson

  • Holy - Jamila Woods

  • Hurt - Arlo Parks

  • Self - Cleo Sol

  • Lovestained - Hope Tala

  • Stop This Flame - Celeste

  • Something True - Gaidaa

  • Tiny Garden - Jamila Woods