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Mineral House
Mineral House
Mineral House

10 Apr 24 12:00H

Mineral House

With Dindie

Let's dive into H.P Lovecraft's short story "The Doom that Came to Sarnath". First published in June 1920. According to the tale, more than 10,000 years ago, a race of shepherd people colonized the banks of the river Ai in a land called Mnar, which rose to great intellectual and mercantile prowess. Craving more land, a group of these hardy people migrated to the shores of a lonely and vast lake at the heart of Mnar, founding the metropolis of Sarnath. But the settlers were not alone. At the other side of the lake was the ancient, grey-stone city of Ib, inhabited by a queer race who had descended from the moon. The people of Sarnath despise these creatures and decided to destroy the whole city & its dwellers, and took their worshipped idol, Bokrug, as a winning trophy.

Over thousand years, city of Sarnath grew in size and beauty, and became main destination for travelers and kings. Until the day of the 1000th anniversary of city of Ib's destruction, something emerged from the deep and twisted things around.

Read along "The Doom that Came to Sarnath" in text & audio version, comic and audiobook with ambient music.


  • Brother Ah and The Sounds of Awareness - The Void

  • Ricco - Torq

  • Li Yilei - SAN / 散

  • Jonny Nash & Teguh Permana - Langit

  • Kirk Barley - Courtyard

  • Night Swimmer - Moon Dirt (脏月亮)

  • Christina Vantzou - Percussion in Nonspace

  • Giant Claw - Earther

  • Koeosaeme - II

  • pesewa - (20000)

  • Aklo - Lurking Fear

  • Badawi - Al-Aḥmar

  • Gowa - Jangan Mati Dulu, Jangan Sekarang

  • 9ms - Mink

  • Rabih Beaini - Kessara 1

  • Jlinn - Summon

  • Jana Rush - Mynd Fuc

  • Valentina Magaletti - The Unity of the Mind

  • Koeosaeme - Meat Texture

  • Giant Claw - Thousand Whys (feat. Tamar Kamin & Diana Gruber)

  • pesewa - time changes