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Mineral House
Mineral House
Mineral House

08 May 24 12:00H

Mineral House

With Dindie

This month I'm revisiting one of my favorite novella, Binti, by a Nigerian-American writer, Nnedi Okorafor. Just like the previous Mineral House show, this mix is intended to be listened to while you're reading the book, or if you're in the mood for daydreaming of being inside the spaceship, Third Fish, to Oomza University.

I discovered Okorafor's work for the first time on Tor.com website (now known as Reactormag.com) in 2016, as I got more into sci-fi literature at that time. To be honest it's my first exposure to African futurism. Then I eagerly continued reading the whole trilogy, Binti: Home and Binti:The Night Masquerade years after. Binti had won the Hugo and Nebula Awards and the Nommo Award for Best Novella.

Nnedi Okorafor's writings on African futurism spanned across various mediums. In addition to her celebrated Binti trilogy, she has ventured into comics with La Guardia, published by Dark Horse Comics, and Marvel's Black Panther series, including Long Live the King, Wakanda Forever and Shuri series.

Additionally, Okorafor has created engaging stories for younger audiences with series like the Nsibidi Script Series and the Desert Magician's duology, as well as captivating the imagination of adult readers with works such as Remote Control, Noor, Who Fears Death and Lagoon.

Read Binti excerpt here (https://reactormag.com/excerpts-binti-nnedi-okorafor/) and more about the trilogy and other Okorafor's works here (https://nnedi.com/books/the- binti-series/).


  • Sam Scranton - Quick Bite

  • Contours - Elevation 1 (ft. Abel Selaocoe & Abel Francis)

  • Nico Niquo - Holoil Firmament

  • Senyawa - Kebaikan tumbuh dari tanah (Goodness Grows Off Soil)

  • Daedelus + Joshua Idehen - Nooneseemstocare

  • Nina Simone - Feeling Good

  • Tomaga - No Sia Mai

  • Signal Quest - Tide Pool Portals to Another World

  • Martina Berther - Alienruf I

  • Yirinda - Guyu (Fish)

  • Giant Claw - Deep Thoughts 001

  • Sangre Voss - Ersatz Terrasse

  • Rian Treanor & Ocen James - Agoya

  • Nuri - Yiri (Martha van Straaten & M.RUX remix)

  • Puma & The Dolphin - Shampoo Smile

  • Judgitzu - Miracle

  • Duma - Kill Yourself Before They Kill You

  • Hani from Yunnan China - Iyu gu (Responding Courting Song in the Mountain)

  • Lila Tirando a Violeta Sueuga - Aplaudir el Desastre

  • Nakibembe Embaire Group, Gabber Modus Operandi, Wahono - 133

  • Hihats in Trees - Icicle Icicle

  • Yuko Araki - ‡Otiron