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24 Mar 22 18:00H



A blend of recent drops from underground/up-and-coming artists in a multi-genre mix + monthly underground highlights segment.

DJ GHBOI’s (“Ghana-boy’s”) mastery is her ability to provide the perfect vibe for whatever ambiance with her own spin and vibrant energy. Having grown up in Accra and Beijing, GHBOI blends an immersive and all-inclusive palette sound from diverse cultures in one seamless mix. The surprise element of her stage name serves as a trigger to spark the conversation of various issues females face in the creative and music industries.

An hour of a diverse selection of all-round good music, discovering new music and artists from all over the world in Hiphop, Trap, Afrofusion, Altè (& more). With a segment highlighting underground music of up-and-coming artists from Africa & the diaspora.


  • Mon cher - Gazo

  • Euphon - Gazo

  • Vapo - VHOOR

  • Crinkum crankum(remix) - Jordy

  • Forever - Frank casino, Ricky Rick

  • Arya - Asap Rocky, nigo

  • Savage - 21 Harold

  • LUV ME - OG spliff, Tiacorine

  • Sin mi - Samantha Barron

  • Assim - VHOOR

  • So dangerous - Foolie $urfin

  • Try me evil - Tobi Adey

  • Juice - Gritty lex

  • Church - Mariah the scientist

  • Ordre du hour - ZAMIR

  • Drag me out - Kah-lo

  • Sanguine (pastel remix) - Lil seyi

  • Heating rocks - Cruel Santino

  • Girls - Doechii

  • Hit this- ehboni

  • Salsa - Yonkwi ft the Bangangte voices.

  • LUX - Yonkwi

  • C’est pas d‘ma faute - Chinwr

  • 900 degrees - Deyah

  • Moon girl - moonshine